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WiFi module is not only smart home use

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The WiFi module is only a simple connection module, and the development of the O2O concept of "let Internet plus" to give a small body module, is clearly not realistic exquisite. WiFi module just play the role of the connection channel, and the market will be more of its positioning in the intelligent upgrade experience, it is difficult to have some strong modules. The arrival of the era of intelligent home, almost filed WiFi module, think of the civilian smart home, ignoring the value of its use as an industrial device is sad.
Have the character of network developed an ultra low power WiFi module USR-C322, CC3200 scheme based on the TI kernel, CC3200 is a powerful MCU, can be directly used without internal resources external microcontroller, support the user according to the TI SDK of their own development, later also support the use of "two development" package SDK. Why is the ultra low power consumption C322 than the conventional in the network standby 12ma@3.3Vwifi low-power series power consumption is lower, can be achieved in the network standby as low as 3.5mA, the depth of the minimum sleep 25uA. Power consumption has been one of the WIFI module promotion factors, before the lowest power consumption is the lowest power consumption in standby network USR-WIFI232-T, 12mA, and C322 in power control is more outstanding, according to the application situation of 5 kinds of support in the network standby power mode, the lowest power consumption of only 3.5mA, the depth of dormancy or even as low as 25uA, power consumption control can be described as the industry's highest level.
C322 is not only a low power consumption, but also has a strong embedded development capabilities and accumulated experience in the field of communications for many years to ensure that it is more mature and stable, can work in harsh environments WiFi module. In the industrial field, both as an energy-saving controller support or industrial automation, mature and stable power control can meet any demand. Of course, in addition to industrial use, as domestic high-end intelligent products, can also support the intelligent security, lighting, transportation, medical and other applications, SimpleLink and UsrLink a key APP networking mode, convenient and simple.
Application of WiFi module in the C322 to do extensive examples, but not equivalent to the WiFi module can realize the "positioning Internet plus" gives. "Internet plus" is a large range, excellent effect of each part of the need to complete.



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