Hello! Welcome to Sant metal technology! Sant provide professional production of titanium metal materials and products manufacturing!

13 years focus on titanium and titanium materials!
The last century in 90s began to invest in construction, began operations in 2004;
Covers an area of 30000 square meters, has a staff of more than and 60 people, advanced production equipment more than 20 units;
Many times by the provincial, municipal and district level government departments and departments of quality and technical supervision awarded the "heavy contract, keep promise unit",
Good product is our life,
Has a complete production line, rolling plate production line equipment,
The company consists of welding workshop, workshop fittings, composite material factory,
Effective quality management system, each process has a detailed operation records
Good customer service, punctual delivery, no worries!
One to one service personnel, to ensure that each order on time delivery;
The establishment of a number of sales and service outlets nationwide,
National unified service hotline:0755-28101139


Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials
  • Yangpu Nanhua
Shenzhen City St. Swiss Metal Technology Co., Ltd

The company is committed to professional titanium materials (titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium tube, titanium target, titanium wire, titanium standard parts) production and sales integration services company. The products are widely used in watches, glasses, jewelry, chemical equipment, golf and other related industries. The company's technology mature and advanced technology, including titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium target has been exported to foreign countries, the products are well received by customers. The company production

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Shenzhen City St. Swiss Metal Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen City St. Swiss Metal Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen City St. Swiss Metal Technology Co., Ltd【details】

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